Are you feeling depleted from never being "enough"?

Pretty enough...

Skinny enough...

Talented enough...

Successful enough...

With so many societal standards for women these days, it's easy to constantly feel as though you're never enough, no matter what you do or how hard you try. 

I'm here to help you change that. 

Introducing, The Self-Love Club. A community of women who are tired of living by society's standards of beauty, who are done needing others approval, who are ready to start loving themselves unconditionally, and who are ready to take their confidence to the next level all while re-training their brains along the way for a LASTING impact on their self-image. 

I’m using cognitive psychology techniques combined with my favorite life-coaching tools to provide you with a safe space to work on your self-esteem. I want to help you retrain your brain to love what it sees when you look in the mirror and to know that your self-worth cannot be obtained from weight loss scams, beauty products, or outside validation. Self-worth comes from self-love, sister!

This exclusive Facebook community is for you if:

You're ready to free yourself from crash dieting. 

You want to start feeling like the incredible bad bitch that you truly are without changing a thing about yourself.

You want to walk into a room and NOT have to scan it to check out "your competition".

You're tired of counting calories and are ready to love yourself in a way that isn't harmful to your mental health. 

You're ready to learn how to love every unique aspect of yourself and demonstrate that through new found confidence. 

No more self-deprecating comments or thoughts.
No more crash dieting. 
No more constantly seeking others approval. 
No more hating your dimpled thighs, expanding waistline, or perfectly imperfect tummy.
No more wishing you looked like the women you see on TV. 

No more harmful self-talk.

We’re putting an end to these harmful thought patterns, and it all starts right here in The Self-Love Club. 

Inside the members only Facebook community, you’re going to get:

WEEKLY journaling prompts, coaching content, and self-love challenges.


BI-WEEKLY exclusive coaching videos that you can’t find anywhere else. 

MONTHLY coaching exercises to expand your self-love + confidence. 

QUARTERLY guest speakers and workshops. 

UNLIMITED support from a community of strong, empowered women who are on the same journey as you. 

NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS. It's simply a subscription fee of $12.99 a month.

You read that correctly--this is the same price as your standard Netflix monthly subscription. If you can afford to binge on your favorite TV shows, then you can afford to binge on your self-love.

THE DOORS TO THIS PROGRAM ARE OPEN FOR LESS THAN A WEEK. Claim your spot now  to finally give your body, heart, and soul the self-love and confidence boost you deserve.