Meet Your Coach

Not that long ago I was living a life where I felt constantly anxious, insecure, and unfulfilled. I had done everything that was expected of me; I went to school and earned my bachelor’s degree, padding-up my resume in every area. I played the part of a beginning “professional” and took the first (and only) job I was offered immediately after graduation. I spent two years of my life just aimlessly wondering from job to job, trying to find the happiness and success I had been promised: accomplishments, happiness, recognition, and of course, all of the riches I could desire…


After giving into the idea that maybe conventional success wasn’t in my future, I decided to create a new path for myself. My journey toward living the life I wanted started with repairing my broken sense of self, a place where I believe we must all start in order to get in touch with the inner badass that’s just itching to come out and guide us. 


Fast forward a few years and here I am sipping my hazelnut macchiato with extra whip on a Monday morning as I spill my heart out to you in hopes of convincing you that your early adult life doesn’t have to be spent navigating through rough terrain. Since my focus of obtaining my own happiness in 2016, I’ve grown a successful life coaching business where I’ve helped dozens of women come into connection with their best life. I have undergone living my own joyful life with my soon-to-be husband, and am working on completing my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. 


My life coaching practice is based off of not just my own life experience, but the psychological-based factors that are behind how we live our lives. When you commit to coaching with me, you can trust that the coaching you receive is based off of real-life experience combined with coaching techniques that are backed by psychology and science. Once I stepped into my own power and started living the life I wanted, I knew there was no going back, I’m here to help you do the same.