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Do you have some big dreams and goals to chase but find yourself stagnant due to insecurities, anxiety, and self-doubt?

Are you struggling to feel confident and empowered despite knowing that deep down you’re a complete and total bad ass?

Tired of feeling like your emotions are running your life and ruining your relationships?


It’s time for YOU to be in charge of your emotional experience, your relationships, and your life’s journey.

I work with highly motivated women who are ready to level-up their self-worth, gain better emotional stability, and learn how to manage their minds to get what they want AND DESERVE out of life.

And I’m not talking about achieving this through a  “law of attraction, raise your vibrations, manifestation” type of magical thinking. I’m talking about real change through cognitive-psychology based techniques.

Welcome to the world of thought work, the coaching technique that is going to change your life.

My thought based approach to life coaching is going to help you go from a hot mess who struggles with self-regulation, emotional management, and lacks self-confidence to a hot success that knows her worth and settles for nothing but what she deserves.

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